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An Epic Adventure: The Birth of the Nova Hockey Goal
Our journey to create the Nova Hockey goal was a true adventure filled with twists and turns. We never gave up and always knew how to adapt to circumstances to keep moving forward. Let us tell you our incredible story of perseverance and good fortune.
We explored different options, moving from plastic to wood, then back to plastic again, but nothing worked. However, our quest for the perfect goal did not stop there. Thanks to Zak, a providential man, we finally managed to produce the metal goal.
Zak guided us through each step of the process. He showed us the tools needed to cut the metal rods, created a template to bend these rods, and taught us the techniques of taping, drilling, chamfering, among others. However, production was long and tedious. When orders poured in, we knew our days would be devoted to making goals. But today, we are happy to have found an extraordinary company that produces our mini-goals.
The Nova Hockey metal goal sends chills every time the puck hits the post or the horizontal bar. You know, that famous "Bing" that vibrates your entire being.
The net is attached to the metal structure of the goal using a Velcro system, allowing for quick and easy installation. These red strips recreate the iconic visual of hockey goals.
We want to inform you of a bold choice we made: we will no longer paint the goals. Our barn is really not suitable, and we all felt the harmful effects of inhaling paint fumes. Moreover, since our vegetable-filled garden is just a few meters away, we decided not to paint the structures anymore. Now, we leave the raw metal structures, and we encourage our customers to let their creativity run wild by painting and customizing their goal according to their desires.

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