A Nova Hockey set is designed for up to three players, adding a dynamic and engaging element to the gameplay experience.

Nova Hockey stands out with its unique features, including special sticks, an articulated goalie, and specially designed pucks for an enhanced gaming experience.

Nova Hockey sticks are lightweight for easy use but robust enough for intense gameplay, providing precise control for spectacular passes and shots. The blade of the stick is bendable so it works for both right handed or left handed players.

Yes, Nova Hockey is designed to be played in a variety of environments, from small apartments to classrooms and recreational centers, offering a simplified hockey experience.

Nova Hockey is flexible and can be played on various surfaces, including the floor, on knees, or on low wheeled stools, making it adaptable for different environments. You can sit on a yoga block for a more static and relaxing game style.

Nova Hockey is designed to enhance puck handling, shooting, and overall hockey skills, offering a platform for players to practice and improve their game.

Yes, Nova Hockey is designed to be inclusive, making it suitable for players of all ages.

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