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Discover the Sets of 4 and 8 Nova Hockey Pucks, Designed to Transform Your Gaming Experience. Whether you are a beginner or experienced player, these pucks offer perfect glide and unmatched control, making each game enjoyable and safe.

Set of 4 Nova Hockey Pucks

The set of 4 Nova Hockey pucks is ideal for players looking to perfect their accuracy and control. Measuring only 1.5 inches and weighing 8 grams, these pucks are made up of felt in the center and self-adhesive plastic on each side. They are perfect for intensive training or friendly matches. The exciting sound of "Bing!" when your shot hits a post or the horizontal bar of the Nova Hockey mini goal will instantly transport you to the joy and excitement of a real goal.

Set of 8 Nova Hockey Pucks

For big hockey fans and those who often organize games with family and friends, the set of 8 Nova Hockey pucks is the perfect choice. With these pucks, you can organize longer and more intense matches without constantly needing to retrieve the puck. They are also ideal for team training, allowing each player to practice and become a feared elite shooter.

Why Choose Nova Hockey Pucks?

Safety and Discretion: Quiet design for enjoyable play.
Exceptional Control: Perfect glide for unmatched control.
Immersive Experience: Recreates the very essence of hockey.
Adaptability: Suitable for solo or team play, at home or at festive events.


The sets of 4 and 8 Nova Hockey pucks are more than just a game accessory; they are a revolution in the world of mini-hockey. Don't miss this unique opportunity to improve your game, push your limits, and create unforgettable moments with Nova Hockey. Dive into a new dimension of fun and excitement with these safe and exciting pucks.

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