Nova Hockey quickly demonstrated its immense potential. What initially started as a simple embryonic idea took shape when we designed the first pieces out of cardboard. Our primary goal was to develop the sticks, puck, and goalie to determine the right ratios and proportions.

Even at this early stage, those who saw our homemade prototypes were amazed, which motivated us to venture into entrepreneurship.

After several years of research and many rejections from established local manufacturers who were reluctant to take on new projects, we finally managed to secure support from subcontractors. This process involved receiving numerous prototypes with unrealistic unit prices, such as $400 each. However, we eventually succeeded in creating a set at an affordable price.

In 2022, we were finally able to start selling our products and gaining recognition on social media, leading to several collaborations, including one with the famous Pavel Barber.

Is Nova hockey an option for our beloved pets?

One evening, my wife came home with a special surprise in the backseat of her car: a kitten with an irregular coat. Despite my initial skepticism due to my allergies, my wife and son quickly became attached to her, and I couldn't refuse them. This turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life, as we welcomed a new member into our family. The kitten loved to play, which was perfect because so did I. We often played ball games, and my sports experience helped me make perfect passes for her to catch.

One day, I set up in my office to play Nova Hockey. The office contains various items, including prototype goalies with makeshift supports, visible in some of our videos. I plan to commercialize these supports in the future. Additionally, I have a regular stick similar to those sold in our online store, as well as several pucks. There is also a prototype wooden goal, the only one of its kind at Nova Hockey, created in 2020 at the very beginning of our ideation phase.

As I was practicing, the kitten entered the office. Curious, I rolled a puck towards her, and she instinctively stopped it with her paw. This activity became a regular occurrence.

Watch this priceless Nova Hockey moment involving our cat :

A year later, as we were preparing for a trip, we realized it wouldn't be fair to leave the cat alone. So, we adopted a second cat, a male, who quickly became adept at playing Nova Hockey as well.

This story highlights the positive impact that Nova Hockey can have not only on sports enthusiasts but also on family members, including our pets. By combining innovation, perseverance, and a love for the game, we have created a product that inspires and brings people together. Our entrepreneurial journey, though filled with challenges, has been enriched by moments of joy and discovery shared with our loved ones and furry friends. As we continue to develop and improve our products, we look forward to seeing how Nova Hockey will continue to evolve and touch even more lives.

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