Introduction: Nova Hockey - Hockey Anywhere, Anytime

Welcome to the exciting world of Nova Hockey, a modern and innovative reinterpretation of traditional mini-hockey. Specifically designed for enthusiasts of this iconic sport, Nova Hockey offers the unique opportunity to play anywhere and anytime. This miniature version of the game goes beyond a simple replication of the on-ice experience; it paves the way for the development of new skills and strategies unique to our format.

We are constantly refining the rules, techniques, and principles of the game to enrich and enhance the playing experience.

The Rules

Nova Hockey offers various game modes, reflecting the diversity and richness of hockey. Whether facing the goalie alone, in 2 against the goalie, or in 2 against 1 defender and a goalie, each mode presents its own challenges and opportunities. We have developed a point scoring system and an attack and defense +/- average for modes involving multiple players, thus enriching the strategic dynamics of the game.


The Techniques

Nova Hockey emphasizes the fundamentals of hockey: passing, shooting, and receiving passes. For goalies, the crucial importance of positioning and reactivity after a save is at the heart of the game, requiring quick reflexes and clever strategy to keep the puck out of the goal.

The Principles

Playing Nova Hockey at scale demands a specific approach. "Gentleness is the sister of success" is a key principle in our game. By maximizing the friction of the puck, it better resists the imperfections of the playing surface. A spinning puck travels straighter, thus increasing the chances of sneaking through small spaces and reaching the goal.

Join us in this adventure. Be part of creating a new discipline. Purchase a Nova Hockey set and share with us your playing style, your fundamental principles, and especially your technical prowess. Together, we can take Nova Hockey to unprecedented heights and share our passion for this extraordinary sport.

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